Does It Hurt to Put Braces?

Braces are the surest way to a beautiful smile with a malocclusion and crooked teeth. Yes, it is not always aesthetic (iron locks look unsightly), and wearing the system is sometimes associated with discomfort and pain. But it is braces that allow you to get a long-awaited Hollywood smile for life. When does pain occur when correcting a bite and how to deal with them quickly? Read on.


Does it hurt to put braces?

To understand whether it is painful to install the system, consider the installation steps:


As a result, the installation of braces takes up to 2-3 hours. This is a long, but absolutely painless. In rare cases, tooth extraction is required. In addition to the characteristics of a particular clinical case, the need for removal depends partly on the type of bracket system, and partly on the competence of the doctor. In any situation, we try to do our best to keep our teeth safe and sound.

Most likely, the only thing that will cause you discomfort is a long sitting in a dental chair with an open mouth. Plus, the first few days will have to get used to the presence of extraneous elements.

How to treat braces pain?

Pain when wearing braces can occur for two reasons:

To move the teeth you need to press on them with a certain effort. Further, the tooth begins to put pressure on the ligaments and bone tissue. It looks something like this:

The pressure is maximum immediately after the installation or correction of the bracket system , so during this period many patients have toothaches. We try to calculate the pressure on the teeth as accurately as possible in order to provide effective treatment on the one hand and avoid exhausting pain on the other. How many teeth do you have after installing the braces? A few days.

In case of injury and irritation of the oral mucosa, stick orthodontic wax (we have it) on that element of the system that causes discomfort to the cheek or lip.

It will relieve inflammation of the mucous membrane and weak saline solution. Dilute 0.5 teaspoon of table salt in a glass of warm boiled water and rinse your mouth 3-4 times a day.

How to reduce the pain of braces in the first weeks after installation: general recommendations?The first time after installing the bracket system is the most difficult. You need to get used to foreign bodies in your mouth, learn to eat with braces without damaging the system and preventing pain from intensifying. How?

If severe pain from braces does not subside for more than 1 week or a headache occurs, call a doctor immediately.

Where is the pain after braces?

Many patients who have undergone orthodontic treatment complain of pain after braces. It is explainable. After removing the system, the teeth tend to occupy their “native” wrong position. Plus, the enamel is loosened. Teeth become more sensitive.


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