Dynamicity of the Species


Trillions of the species exist on the earth. All of them are vital for the complete ecosystem of the environment. Not only for the ecosystem but a food chain also. Although many species exist in life and each of them contains specific importance individually but if they get overcrowded or populate on the earth, it will lead to a dangerous impact on the world. To be safe from this disastrous impact, the food chain of different animals exist, which plays a fundamental role in the whole process.

The dominance of the species:
Many species have their dominant gene type in the world. If the same species get more in the environment it is very harmful to the control systems of the earth. To get safe from all these circumstances, a human being can try their best to save our homeland (Earth) to get full of the specific nature of insects or wildlife species. For this purpose, we all should contribute to maintaining the techniques that are being applied for these missions.

Planaria kingdom:

Abundant species of the planaria kingdom among the classification is present. Individually all of one face common treads according to their situations. Human beings are controlling such treads as much as they can. Most likely, pest control systems are being used to save them from any sort of harm that might damage them or led to their death.

Method of treatment:

This system includes a variety of sprays and often liquids that are spread on plants that prevent the pest that is bring stuck to the plant and damages them. It include pestisides and many other chemicals. Most of the chemicals are mixed with the fertilizers. It is the best way to solve any of the pest problems. The most prominent problem of pest is seen in the plant section. Plant is cleaned from the pest using pesticides and many other chemicals that are useful for the plant growth and to make plant healthy.  There are plenty of other things to avoid any sort of pest, that include, cleaning of the soil if it is present in olant and cleaning of house if it is present in the house.

Animalia kingdom:

A variety of insects and are being classified in the Animalia kingdom, which is further classified in multiple divisions. A few of them are harmful to human beings. The most prominent type of Animalia kingdom species is of a  bed bug. They are grown in bed due to which bed bug contains “Bed” with their name. The bedbug control is also important so that human beings can be safe from infections of bed bug bites. They bite a person which results in a pimple, they are not much harmful but if they bite continuously, it results in bad consequences. So it could also be controlled to save from the infections of such bugs.

Nuisance wildlife :

The wildlife control is also an important factor to glance at. This should be noticed as most of the time, the disease is being transferred from animals to human beings.variety of animals are involved in it. Among them, rodents are most focused. The most important harm that is faced by the whole of the world is AIDS. Apart from aids, a virus named Coronavirus that is being transferred from animals to humans is a pivoted point to focus on controlling wildlife species. All of these aspects should be concerned while emphasizing making a better life on the earth. Even a single ignorance can lead to the disastrous outcomes afterward that are faced by all of us individually.