Get The Long Term Benefits of Building Organic Traffic on YouTube

Can you watch cricket if you are a football fan? Well, it might be possible for once, if your friends force you for the same. You may view it next time, of I provide you with the free tickets, and force you again to come along. 

Next time you would surely quit if after watching multiple times cricket cannot take over your interest. Maintaining excitement and curiosity in anything is a must for entertainment. 

You might Buy YouTube Views, but for how long is it going to last? For one video, two videos, max three videos. Moreover, if the user is not interested in your niche and domain; no matter what you offer, it would never last long.

Organic traffic, on the other hand, is the audience that you have gained because of your videos, the interest of people in your domain, and other efforts that you put in your marketing.

If you ask a cricket fan to miss out a match, they would not. They would watch the game irrespective of it is an ODI or a 20-20 or a test match. Why? Because that is the live audience that is not forced to watch. They are there because of their interest.

Why the Target Audience?

When you plan to Buy Real YouTube Views, it means you already doubt your skills and channel. If you have already given up on the quality of your videos, why would anyone else trust the same? 

Bloggers and digital marketers pay their connection to watch your videos; they do their work for once, but it can never be permanent.

Moreover, you would never know if those views are real or just bots. You might pay, you might not get the desired audience, and ultimately you are adding up to your spam score wondering why you are unable to earn despite completing the required views.

Moreover, the monetization of a YouTube channel is no more dependent on the number of views. The number of watch hours and the subscribers defines the quality of your YouTube channel. The channels that have a higher number of views and subscribers that are visible on the front pages of the search engine result pages have built their fan following over time. 

Building the live audience over buying the views gives you the chance of earning regularly, and not suffers any drawbacks or instability. 

When the viewers would decrease ultimately, you had already paid them before. If you want them to increase your watch hours, you will have to pay them again. 

It can never be a profitable business. You are creating your own loss.

In a Nutshell:

If you wish to stay high on the rankings of YouTube search engine, think of the ways that can help you build the audience due to the quality and theme of your videos. Provide unique and engaging content, and practice SEO tactics rather than finding the shortcuts for success. 

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