How to Play Fantasy Hockey?

PIN Fantasy Hockey

Every one of us likes to play one or the other type of game. Earlier people used to go out in the playgrounds to play all these games, but with the help of technology, it has made humans possible to play games like football, basketball, kabaddi, baseball, cricket, etc. These all games are played virtually and if you win the game you will get great cash prizes for that as well. These fantasy games have made it possible to utilize our game-related skills in the best possible way during this pandemic situation when no one is allowed to go and play outside. Many people are a great fan of game hockey but during this time they can play fantasy hockey. On the online platforms, it provides the best online fantasy hockey leagues in which the person can participate and can win exciting prizes.

To play this fantasy hockey the person needs to get himself registered on the platform by paying some minimal registration fees. Once he is registered with the platform he can choose which game he wants to play. There he can also go for the practice matches that will help the person to know more about the rules and regulations regarding the game. After that, the person can choose the type of match he wants to play. The cash prizes are different for different matches. Even the person can participate in the live leagues.

For playing the match, first of all, he needs to make his team. Here are some basic things he should know while making a team for fantasy hockey.

  • The team must include three to five defenders, three to five forwards, three to five midfielders, and one goalkeeper. A total of 11 players are needed to play the match. And the budget to make this team is less than or equal to one thousand gems.
  • In the team, you need to select one-star players and one captain of the team. Make sure that both people should not be the same neither they should belong to the same team. As the scoring pattern of both the players is different as the star player will get two times of the point according to his performance in the match whereas the captain one and half times of points according to his actual performance in the match.
  • The selection of midfielders and defenders depends upon the attackers or forwards and the selection of attackers depends upon the type of match you want to play. The selection of goalkeepers purely depends upon his performance in the previous matches. If the attacking line-up of the squad is very strong then there will less requirement of defenders whereas the line-up of the attacking team is weak, there will be more requirement of defenders to play the match. It is highly recommended not to select the players from one team only. Go through different team players and create a team with different playing techniques.

These are some of the things the person should know while creating his team for fantasy hockey. It is up to the knowledge of the person regarding the game how he will use that in the match. Your knowledge related to anything will never get waste in today’s time. It has become very easy to share your knowledge with people and you can easily earn money the same is the case with these fantasy games. For earing prizes from fantasy hockey, you need to keep in mind certain rules regarding the scoring pattern of the team. Let’s have a look at them.

  • For different players the points allotted for each goal are different like for goal scored by goalkeeper and defender will get 30 points, the goal scored by midfielder will get 25 points and each goal scored by forwarding will be rewarded 20 points.
  • For every good pass, the player will get one point for that, and for goal assist, he will be rewarded with 12 points. If the player shots a target he will get 2 points for that. The player earns penalty corner he will get 2 points and if he earns penalty stroke he will get 6 points.
  • If the player gets different colour cards different points are deducted like for yellow card 2 points are deducted, for a green card one point is deducted, and for red card 4 points are deducted.
  • If any player misses any penalty stroke earned, 6 points will be deducted from the score of the team.
  • The winning team will get 2 points each for all the players as a bonus which will be added at the end of the match.

So these are some of the scoring rules that the person needs to know. You can easily play free online fantasy hockey and can win great prizes. According to the trusted resources, the trend of playing these fantasy games have been increasing day by day. But the lockdown in the entire world has given it a great upliftment. The craze of playing not only fantasy hockey but other games like fantasy cricket, football, basketball, etc. have increased every much. People whose passion is to play games, this is a great platform where they can use both their knowledge and skills of playing games to win prizes.

Playing these games not only benefits the people in winning prizes but it also helps to enhance their knowledge related to the game. Even the people playing these fantasy games get a chance to participate in their favourite leagues. Playing these games has become not only a great source of entertainment but also a great platform to earn money. It has been considered to be the best time to pass at the time of this pandemic. Don’t worry about the payment options these online platforms provide people with numerous payment option by which you can easily get the instant cash withdrawal as well. Playing these fantasy game have been legalized in the country it does not come under any type of gambling stuff.