Lawyer in Atlanta for a Brain Injury in a Slip and Fall Case

Lawyer in Atlanta for a Brain Injury in a Slip and Fall Case

While a little trip or fall may seem funny at first, things like these cannot always be taken lightly. There have been reported cases where it was seen that what seemed like a light fall at first led to serious medical conditions later. Slip and fall accidents can lead to an array of medical conditions like broken bones, injuries to the spinal cord, and traumatic brain injuries. If this is something that has happened to you or you know someone who is suffering, you may get in touch with a seasoned slip and fall lawyer in Atlanta for consultation. 

Typically, the lawyer will be able to help you file a claim through which you’ll be able to recover the damages and financial losses. 

Determining who is responsible for the accident:

As we are already somewhat aware, slip and fall cases fall under the category of premises liability cases. So, as the name suggests, it’s generally the property owners who are liable when one gets injured in a slip-and-fall accident on their premises. If the accident took place in an area that’s owned by the local body or the government, you’ll be able to hold them accountable for their negligence. 

However, it’s not as easy as it may sound. To win a claim, you’ll also have to demonstrate that there was a certain amount of negligence on the part of the authority or the owner involved, or that they were aware of the pre-existing hazard and chose to do nothing about it. And you’ll only be able to recover the compensation once the liable party is determined. 

Filing a claim for compensation:

You can file a claim based on the economic damages you suffered, which will include any sort of medical costs and expenses for further medical care. Apart from the economic damages, if you suffered because of pain and suffering, you can also bring that up during the claim.

No matter when you decide to file the claim, always keep in mind the statute of limitations. You’ll have a period of two years from the day of the accident to file a claim.

Final thoughts:

Assuming that you’re comparatively new to this area, the case won’t be easy for you to handle. It is thus advised that you look for a lawyer who has prior experience in this domain. 

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