Michael Keaton’s Batman Gets Stunning New Statue For ‘The Flash’

Michael Keaton’s Batman

Michael Keaton’s Batman is one of the most beloved iterations of the iconic character, and now a stunning new statue has been released in his honor. The one-of-a-kind figure stands 24 inches tall and is part of the exclusive Flash Collection from Icon Heroes. This limited edition collectible was created by renowned sculptor James Marsano and captures all the detail and excitement of Keaton’s classic portrayal.

Does Michael get his first Batman statue? Michael Keaton will be back in The Flash as the Dark Knight after 31 years. McFarlane Toys announced that its newest 12-inch statue of the hero will be pre-ordered. Batman has never gotten much attention from merchandisers, hence, it’s no surprise for McFarlane Toys to only make two statues in the coming film.

McFarlane Toy’s Batman Statue Gives Best Look at ‘The Flash’ Bat-Suit

McFarlane Toys has unveiled a beautiful new Batman statue to celebrate Michael Keaton’s return in The Flash. The life-size figure stands 21 inches tall and is decked out in the costume from the upcoming DC film. The intricate detail of the design is stunning, as it captures every nuance of Keaton’s iconic Batsuit. From its bright yellow utility belt to its tattered cape, this tribute truly does justice to one of comics’ most beloved characters.

The statue also features a light-up base with an image of the Bat Signal shining over Gotham City. This adds extra atmosphere to an already impressive display piece that would make any fan smile with delight. It also gives us our best look yet at what we can expect from The Flash’s take on Batman’s classic suit, a welcome reminder that even after nearly 30 years, Michael Keaton still looks ready for action!


Michael Keaton is set to make a surprise return to the DC Extended Universe in The Flash movie. Although he was last seen in 1992’s Batman Returns, Keaton has been cast to play an older iteration of Batman from the future who will guide Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) on his journey. Fans are excited by this news and eager to see what kind of impact Keaton’s character will have on the film.

Keaton is no stranger to comic book films, having played Bruce Wayne/Batman for two films back in 1989 and 1992. He also recently appeared as Adrian Toomes/Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home. With The Flash, it seems like he’s taking on another superhero role that could be just as iconic as his portrayal of Batman years ago. It’ll be interesting to see how they incorporate him into the narrative and how his presence affects Barry Allen’s story arc.

The casting news has gotten people talking about what direction the film may take now that Keaton is involved, with many speculating that this could mean a potential crossover with other DCEU movies such as Justice League or Man Of Steel 2. Regardless of where things go next, fans are already buzzing about this exciting news and can’t wait for what Michael Keaton brings to The Flash movie when it premieres


Flashpoint is a 2011 comic book series published by DC Comics. It focuses on the alternate timeline created when Barry Allen, The Flash, travels back in time and changes certain events that ended up altering the entire timeline. In the new timeline, Bruce Wayne is killed instead of his parents, leading to Thomas Wayne becoming Batman instead of Bruce. The Flash discovers he must travel back in time again and fix things before they get worse.

One of the biggest changes as a result of this alteration in history is that Aquaman has gone to war with Wonder Woman over control of Europe while Superman was never found as an infant and raised by humans. This leads to some unexpected alliances throughout the series, creating an unpredictable story full of intrigue and suspense. With its powerful themes about destiny and consequence, Flashpoint serves as both an exciting standalone tale and one that sets up future stories for DC comic characters going forward.


Christian Bale’s Batman is not in The Flash. Instead, Michael Keaton’s version of the Caped Crusader will be featured in the DC movie. Keaton famously portrayed the Dark Knight in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman and its sequel, 1992’s Batman Returns. He went on to reprise his role as an older Bruce Wayne in a cameo appearance for 2017’s Justice League.

Now, nearly 30 years later, he is returning to don the cape and cowl once again for The Flash. Fans were excited when it was announced that Keaton would make his return as Batman for The Flash and have been eagerly awaiting seeing him back in action.

The Flash movie is set to feature time-traveling elements that will bring various versions of characters from different times together on the big screen. This includes Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen/The Flash meeting up with different iterations of Batman throughout DC history including Ben Affleck’s version from 2016’s Batman v Superman:

Dawn of Justice and even one played by Robert Pattinson who stars in Matt Reeve’s 2021 reboot The Batman. Despite all these other Batmen appearing, Christian Bale will not be part of this team-up as he has retired from playing Bruce Wayne/Batman since 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises which concluded Christopher Nolan’s trilogy about the iconic superhero.

Details of the Statue

The Statue of Michael Keaton as Batman is a magnificent work of art that truly captures the character’s essence. The sculpture stands tall at 11 feet and is constructed out of bronze, giving it an impressive, life-like sheen. As one looks up to the statue, one will see Batman in his iconic pose with a cape billowing around him. His features are finely detailed and capture every detail from his eyes to his cowl.

It even includes small details like the yellow utility belt buckle and bat symbol on the chest. The statue also comes with a base featuring two green lightning bolts, which serves as a perfect tribute to The Flash movie in which Keaton starred in. All in all, this stunning piece of art perfectly encapsulates the character’s power and presence while honoring one of cinema’s greatest actors.

Response to the Statue

The response to the Michael Keaton Batman statue has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans of the original live-action version of Batman have expressed their delight at seeing a tribute to one of the most iconic versions of the character. Many are saying it is an excellent way to honor both Michael Keaton and his place in Batman history. The statue captures the essence of Keaton’s portrayal and features him standing atop a building, ready for action.

The design team behind this new statue also earned praise from fans, who said they were impressed with how accurate and detailed it was. The level of craftsmanship that went into creating this piece is clear, with many noting its intricacy and attention to detail. It’s clear that this is not just any old figure – rather, it was carefully crafted with love by people who understand what made Michael Keaton’s Batman so special.

Given all this enthusiasm for the new statue, it appears that fans are eager to see more commemorations honoring Michael Keaton’s legacy as The Dark Knight. This could mean more statues or other kinds of merchandise featuring his iconic image in years to come – something sure to be welcomed by fans everywhere!

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In conclusion, the new Michael Keaton Batman statue is an amazing piece of art that celebrates the legacy of one of the most iconic superheroes in history. The statue perfectly captures Keaton’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne, bringing a sense of realism and depth to the character.

The detail and craftsmanship are truly remarkable, and fans will no doubt enjoy having such an amazing piece in their collections. Furthermore, it is a great way for DC to honor Keaton’s contribution to the Batman franchise and show how much they appreciate his work over the years. All in all, this new sculpture is a stunning tribute to one of cinema’s greatest superheroes.

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