Top 10 Indian bowlers in international cricket


India is a land of spin bowlers, where fast bowlers can hardly make their mark. At an earlier point in time, the role of the fast bowlers was to merely take off the shine so that the spinners could rule the roast. Even the pitches in the next India test match were prepared in such a manner that it aided the spin bowlers. But things changed with the emergence of Kapil Dev on the scene. He was largely responsible for inspiring a young generation of Indian cricketers to take up pace bowling. Below are some of the prominent bowlers in Indian cricket.

Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan is a prominent Indian cricketer who played all forms of the game from 2000 to 2014. His beautiful guile and swing did make a telling impression on the batsman, and after the retirement of Javagal Srinath, he led the Indian attack. His most notable performances have come in the 2003 and 2011 world cups, where he was the top wicket-taker. During the English summer of 2007, he was equally devastating. He was the strike bowler of India who deserved a grand sent off but it did not happen that way.

Bhuvaneshwar Kumar

The swingman is still currently playing for the Indian cricket team. With age, his pace has dropped, but he is still able to swing the ball both ways, which is a major asset. Apart from that, he is a handy lower-order batsman who can string together useful partnerships with the top-order batsmen. There is a lot of skill in him, and he is rated among the best in the business when it comes to swing. At critical stages, he has gone on to take a lot of wickets for Team India and is a very good bowler.

Anil Kumble

He is an outstanding leg spinner and has a calm, cool personality on the ground. There is no other bowler in India who has a low economy rate as low as Kumble, and an added benefit is that he could bat for the team too. Since he has a variety of balls, he knows which ball to bowl in a given situation. Among his other achievements was that he is among the 3 bowlers in the world to have taken 10 wickets in a single inning of a test match. He is still among the top wicket-takers in Test cricket.

Kapil Dev

Indian cricket experts will agree on the point that he is the best fast bowler India has ever had. He was responsible for developing the fast-bowling culture in India, and his outswing did go on to take a lot of wickets. Apart from that, he was an outstanding batsman, and very few cricketers in the world could win matches with their batting and bowling. Kapil suited the bill on all counts, and still, people tend to remember him. He ensured that he could swing the ball both ways and was accurate in his line and length.

Ravindra Jadeja

India really missed his services in the current edition of the World Cup, and it is fair to say that he would have gone on to provide the perfect balance. Jadeja’s scores over the other Indian players are due to his fielding skills. If you compare the figures, he has to be among the top all-rounders in international cricket. The only drawback is that he has had his fair share of injuries in international cricket. But when he is playing, he adds the perfect amount of balance to the Indian cricket team.

Harbhajan Singh

The current member of Parliament was an outstanding spin bowler during his playing days. Even in the commentary box, he is a guy who is never shy with his opinions. In the iconic series against Australia, he went on to take 30 wickets, and this was the time when he came of age. He had the backing of Dada who has credited his emergence to him on a lot of platforms. Along with Kumble, he went on to foster a great partnership, and the opponents did have a difficult time when they faced the duo. One of the finest bowlers, he was a greater spinner, well ahead of the current set of players.

R Ashwin

Old wine tastes better, and this has to be the case with Ashwin. He took over when Harbhajan left the scene, and he has the carrom ball that the batsman finds really difficult to pick up. In the overall context, he is one of the best slow bowlers that India has produced. Under the leadership of Dhoni, he was at his best, and the combination went on to win a lot of matches for the country. Currently, he was with the Indian cricket team in the T 20 world cup held in Australia.

Mohammed Shami

An outright swing bowler’s wrist position is immaculate. Currently, he is with the Indian cricket team at the Australian World Cup. Apart from that, the pace has been his strength, and he is athletic and has all the qualities that a fast bowler needs to have. There is no doubt about the fact that he is one of the fastest bowlers India has ever produced. From time to time he has been dogged by knee injuries and this has gone on to have an impact on his playing career.

Jasprit Bumrah

My god, India really missed his services in the current edition of the T-20 World Cup. There are no second thoughts about the fact that he is one of the best end-over bowlers in the world. Though he is young, his fast-bowling skills are nothing short of outstanding. Injuries have gotten the better of him in the last few years. His bouncer is very difficult to pick and his toe-crushing Yorkers are a real delight.  He is part of the leadership group in the Indian team even in franchise cricket he has done a great job with Mumbai Indians.

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