Why Homeopathy Is A Better Alternative Over Allopathy?


The disease is the sole cause of illness. We often suffer from ill-health and look for measures and therapies to resolve the problem. There may be a physical difficulty or we may suffer from mental illness! We generally bump upon two major choices when we look for therapeutic treatments! The medical field that claims to save a life is subdivided into two distinct and onerous areas “Allopathy” and “Homeopathy”. Which is better of these two? What should you choose for your family? Let us know about it!

Founded by German physician Samuel Hahnemann, Homeopathy treatment involves long term consultation and discussion regarding the patient’s illness and the overall lifestyle. Homeopathy considers it essential to treat the problem as a whole rather than the signs and symptoms that cause the disease. On the other hand, Allopathy treatment focuses on eliminating the symptoms of the disease and gradually attacks or neutralizes the body’s immunity system. As a result, the body’s natural healing system slowly starts hindering and the immune system is weakened.

Side Effect-A Big Concern

Homeopathy is the science that builds and strengthens your body’s immune system. It further encourages the natural defence system by up-rooting the disease from the core. The complete hypothesis of a patient, suffering from an illness, is minutely scrutinized here. Being a natural medicinal form, it causes no side effects and is known to have no-contraindications as well! A mistaken overdose also does not cause any threat to the patient!

Allopathy, on the other hand, cures the problem along with a host of after-effects. For instance, a painkiller in allopathy can subdue an ailing pain in just a matter of a few minutes but causes bouts of gastrointestinal problems. So it is up to you to decide whether you want steady relief without any ill-effects or instant relief with lots of aftermaths!

Homeopathy is a completely vegan and natural plant derivative. Any age-group can easily tolerate the medication doses and show quicker improvements. The body is also spared from unnecessary antibiotics and other artificial chemicals and toxicities!

Benefits of Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy treatment is very safe, unlike allopathy. There are many benefits that can improve your health conditions over long-term usage. The science behind homeopathy has come a long way, and as a result, there is a holistic approach here.

As mentioned above, homeopathy looks above the labels of disease and establishes to cure the problem off the root. Perhaps, there is a particular system for each of the medical areas which allopathy never defines. Ranging from the patient’s constitution, emotional and mental aspects, temperament, genetic predisposition to family history, everything is accessed in homeopathy. Nevertheless, here are few of the benefits of homeopathy treatment

  • Homeopathy medicines are developed from proven healing substances mainly found in plants and minerals
  • Medicines are given in minuscule doses that are safe and non-toxic to the body
  • Homeopathy medicines act fast and restore optimal health at the shortest time
  • Homeopathy targets the root cause of the disease, thereby boosting immunity
  • Anyone can go for homeopathy treatment and it is ideal for all the stages of life, including pregnancy
  • Homeopathy is scientific and follows a holistic therapy worldwide
  • Homeopathy treatment is very inexpensive

How Exactly Does Homeopathy Treatment Work?

Researches done on a large scale has proven homeopathy remedies to be very beneficial. Homeopathic medicines work under low enough dilutions and contain original molecules of the actual substance while some other form may require even higher dilutions. This medication comes in sweet pills which are why most of the children, as well as adults, prefer the treatment too.  Likewise, only a small amount of active substance is present in high dilution. When these medications are taken, they further activate the “vital energy” present in the body. Here the only minimal amount of medication is prescribed in order to heal the patient.

Choosing Homeopathy over Allopathy

While most of the people continuing with allopathic medication do not want to go with the cycle, homeopathy has opened a new door of hope for them. In fact, there are qualified homeopathy doctors who help patients get the best treatment at the lowest cost. The therapy improves the level of health by reducing illness and disease. The treatment here is not for a specific condition but overall body wellness which no allopathy medicine stresses upon. Many disorders need homeopathy medication as a last resort. Even chronic diseases achieve the best result following this form of therapy when conventional treatment fails to recover the condition.

In the case of injuries and accidents, homeopathy offers a higher value. The medicines from homeopathy focus on faster healing thereby counteract the effects of trauma, anxiety, and anaesthetics. It is also seen that patients treated under homeopathy treatment has shown more incredible response and recovery from those who did not receive it. Perhaps these medicines are given for pre as well as the post-operation state.

Overall Treatment

Homeopathy also deals with the most exclusive topic, i.e. “alternative to the antibiotic in treating infectious disease”. The natural medicines cover all the areas, thereby ending the toxic side effects, which eventually augment the rapid recovery rate in patients. In addition to that, homeopathy medicines have proven their effectiveness in treating viral infections. Some of the other prominent diseases treated include:

  • Acne
  • Boils
  • Psoriasis
  • Warts
  • Arthritis
  • Migraine
  • Gastritis
  • Bowel Syndrome
  • Menstrual Disorder
  • Lactation Problems
  • Coronary Dysfunction
  • Liver Disorder

Many childhood ailments can be quickly treated without any side effects when you go for homeopathy. Unlike allopathy, homeopathy pills do not hamper the digestion and neither cause allergies. Today millions of people are going for homeopathy. Likewise, this treatment is not only available for humans but also for animals. Veterinary doctors prefer homeopathy to treat animals and pets! What is more interesting is the medicines offered by homeopathy are less expensive as compared to conventional drugs. There is a big reason for its popularity.

The market of allopathy is more about business than healing but homeopathy medicines are non-patented and are generic. Moreover, doctors are into deep consultation with the patient; as a result, doctors need to spend longer time to understand the issue and come out with better therapy. Here, the person’s overall treatment helps to decrease the susceptibility of any future disease. This long term gain has been scientifically proven. The patients who were treated under homeopathy used fewer medications, better health, and lower visits to a medical specialist as compared to other systems of medicine. On the other side, there were no adverse medication effects when going under homeopathic therapy.


If you want to achieve overall health and wellness, then the only route to that is through homeopathy. Nature has given us many gifts for our convenient survival and homeopathy is one of them. With the ultimate success rate and zero negative impact, you should keep all your worries at bay. If we can easily adopt natural measures for corrections, then no point turning towards artificial means to solve the purpose! Allopathy is just a temporary relief measure with no gain in the long-run whereas homeopathy treatment is your gateway to life-long divinity. Life is precious and we cannot play around with it, so choose wisely!