A Beginner’s Guide to Fantasy Cricket

PIN A Beginner’s Guide to Fantasy Cricket

Are you just stepping into the world of fantasy cricket? If you know the basics of cricket, then playing a game of fantasy cricket will be a piece of cake with this beginner’s guide to fantasy cricket.

Fantasy cricket is one of the most played games in the Indian online gaming industry, attracting millions of cricket lovers. Cricket is like a religion in India, with World Cups, IPL live score matches, Champions Trophy and T20 World Cup, there is nothing that cricket lovers do not watch. It is really easy for cricket lovers to learn and play as they need to know the basics of cricket and stay updated with all the information about the sport. So, if you want to start learning, we have put together a beginner’s guide with tips and tricks for fantasy cricket.

What is fantasy cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a virtual game where you can enter upcoming matches, build your own team by selecting real cricketers as players for your team and earn points based on their performance. This game is completely legal in India. Players need to strategize and use their skills to build their fantasy team and win league matches to earn cash.

As a fantasy cricketer, your goal is to pick the best performing players from 22-25 real cricketers in your next match to form your own virtual team. As you play with your own virtual team, you will earn points based on the performance of your chosen players. If you are one of the top scorers in the game, you will win prizes. 

How do I start playing this game?

If you have a good knowledge of cricket, you can start playing straight away. Here are the steps you need to take to get into the game of fantasy cricket

Download the “Fantasy Cricket” app

To start playing the game, you need to install the “Fantasy Cricket” application from a reputable gaming platform. Install the application and register with your email address or phone number.

Select the game you want to play

When you open the “Fantasy Cricket” application, you will see a schedule of the different games you can play. You can start building your virtual team, select the matches you want to play and choose the cricketers who will play in those matches. 22-25 players, of which you need to choose 11, plus the team captain and vice-captain. The captain gets twice as many points as the other players and the vice-captain gets 1.5 times as many points. Therefore, you need to choose these two players wisely. You can also increase your chances of winning the same game by creating several teams with different combinations of players. Here is the breakdown of players needed for an 11-player team

  • 3 batsmen
  • 1 wicketkeeper
  • 3 Bowlers
  • 4 mixed rolls

Each player has a rating and a fixed number of points, for example, each A-rated player has 15 points and each G-rated player has 3 points. The total rating of the players you choose cannot exceed the tournament limit.

Participate in different tournaments

There is no limit to the number of tournaments you can participate in in Fantasy Cricket. You can participate in a variety of ongoing tournaments, including major league, minor league and head-to-head tournaments. Each tournament has a modest or low entry fee for the convenience of the player. You can enter more than one tournament to increase your chances of winning, but you should be careful in choosing your tournament. It is wise to enter the tournament in which you have the knowledge and confidence to demonstrate your skills in that tournament. If you play all tournaments, you will lose more often than you win.

Enjoy the game

Once you have created your fantasy team and entered the games you want to play, you can sit back and enjoy your favorite games and wait for your team to score.