Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing Army Payslips on the Hamraaz Web Portal

PIN Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing Army Payslips on the Hamraaz Web Portal

To facilitate the convenience of army personnel, the Adjutant and General’s Branch (MP-8) technical team has developed an innovative portal named Hamraaz Web. This platform enables soldiers to easily access a wide range of information related to their service. This page will guide you step-by-step on how to obtain your payslip using the Hamraaz Web portal. Process for Downloading PaySlip on Hamraaz Portal

To download their payslip, soldiers need to register on the Hamraaz Web portal. After registration, they will receive a user ID and password, which can be used to log in and view their pay-slip. Here is a brief overview of Hamraaz Personal Login and Registration:


  • Open the Hamraaz Web portal:
  • Click on the “Personal Login” button.
  • Enter your user ID and password.
  • Click on the “Login” button.
  • Enter your username, password, and captcha, then click on the login option. Your login user ID is your PAN Card Number. Additionally, you can register by clicking on the Sign Up option. After clicking on the login option, you will be logged into your Hamraaz Web profile. There are two options for logging in:
  1. Log in using PAN Card Number:
    • Open the Hamraaz Web portal:
    • Click on the “Login” button.
    • Select the “PAN Card Number” option.
    • Enter your 10-digit PAN Card Number.
    • Click on the “Login” button.
  2. Log in by registering:
    • Open the Hamraaz Web portal:
    • Click on the “Sign Up” button.
    • Enter required information such as name, registration number, email address, and mobile number.
    • Click on the “Register” button.
    • Upon successful registration, you will receive a user ID and password.
    • Click on the “Login” button.
    • Enter your user ID and password.
    • Click on the “Login” button. The Hamraaz Web portal offers various services related to soldiers’ service.

Downloading PaySlip:

  • Click on the PaySlip/Form 16 option in the Click Here For Menu section.
  • Select your payslip and download it.
  • Then, select the month and click on the “Download PaySlip” option.
  • Your payslip will be downloaded to your device in PDF format, which may require entering your PaySlip Password to view.

Note – The Hamraaz pay-slip password is the first 4 letters of your PAN card and your date of enrolment in DD/MM/YY format. Hamraaz App (Discontinued) The operation of the Hamraaz Mobile App was discontinued on 31 March 2023. Therefore, users are advised not to download this app from any source and not to share their bank and PAN card information with anyone.

Details Present on the Hamraaz PaySlip When a soldier downloads their payslip through the Hamraaz Web portal, they receive detailed information regarding their salary, allowances, and deductions. Some of the significant allowances include:

  • Uniform Allowance
  • Risk Allowance
  • Border Allowance
  • Field Area Allowances
  • 2-Year Study
  • Transport Allowance
  • High Altitude Allowance
  • Siachen
  • 20 Days Casual Leave
  • Full salary for 300 days of accumulated leave
  • Dearness Allowance, etc.

The Hamraaz Web portal enables soldiers to easily understand their payslip and manage their financial situation. This portal reflects the army’s commitment to providing transparency and convenience to its personnel. Purpose of the Hamraaz Portal

The Hamraaz mp8 is a dedicated web portal specifically designed for the convenience of Indian Army personnel, where they can access their payslips, Form 16, promotions, transfers, complaints, and other important information. This application is highly beneficial for all military members. For more information, you can visit its official website. The main goal of this portal is to simplify certain operational processes for Indian soldiers. It is exclusively available for use by Indian Army personnel, and its use is prohibited for civilians.

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