A guide to office relooking!


Companies big and small are always searching for the best possible layouts for their offices! Whilst doing this, it is important that offices are bright, comfortable and functional! Businesses are happy to invest in these areas as they feel that the factors mentioned will help boost employee productivity. We’ve all have dreamed of having that corner office in a high-rise building, but after discovering more about modern office design, you may feel differently!

One way to make your office stand out is by adding a splash of colour or by using patterns and designs to the walls – but remember this all depends on the type of business you are running. No need to go crazy, keep it classy! You could add a decorative wall, which could be the focus of your office. But, again don’t be over the top with this! You don’t want clients wondering about the eyesore on the back wall of your office!

As employees spend many hours in the office, one approach that businesses have taken is to make everyone feel at home. This is achieved by making the entire office environment comfortable and work a more homely feel. The office is filled with less ridged furniture, making people more relaxed and more productive!

Lighting is also very important for creating the right atmosphere within an office environment. Nobody wants to be sat in a dark soulless office each day, so it is important to get this right! Designers tend to make the most of natural light when laying out an office. However, in some cases, some offices aren’t blessed with natural lighting. Instead of the usual fluorescent lighting that is ever-present in most offices, think about using more modern types of light fittings and fixtures. They are both easy on the eye and safe energy! So, that will certainly be a win-win situation for any business!

Another important factor of Office design is to maximize the space all over the office. This means underneath staircases, outside the building etc… This has become known as the ‘third space’ within many businesses. It basically is the idea that workers can go to designated spaces in the building and plugin and start working. The beauty of this idea is to allow workers more freedom to choose where they want to work and make them comfortable. Also, this can offer privacy to people away from their desk in the open office.

It may be stating the obvious, but one way to brighten up the office is by introducing some art! Don’t go for the usual cliché artworks found in offices everywhere. Choose some classics from the masters or look around for some inspiration! If you are in need of new ideas, then give the slots and games at Regal Wins a try! The collection of games with stunning graphics are bound to get you thinking about great designs and works of art!

It is important to offer employees somewhere that is bright and homely when at work. This is a proven way to get the best out of them! As a business owner, try to move away from the usual sterile office environment and give office workers something different!

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