Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Industry


Artificial intelligence or AI, Cloud Computing, Machine learning or ML and other technologies. This is a recent trend in the manufacturing industry. While the first and third technologies are transforming manufacturing industries, the second that is cloud computing is making changes in the data storage sector. And artificial intelligence has got implemented in every manufacturing industry in a big way. The reasons are the many benefits it offers – right from downtime preparation of products, quality and efficiency in result products. And yes, it also ensures the safety of employees. In this article, let us focus on the impact of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry.

  1. Maintenance

When it comes to the manufacturing industry, it is the machinery and equipment which play a major part in any business. Usually, if important equipment does not work, the target does not get completed. The result, loss in revenues for the company and a bad name in the industry segment. So, with AI being implemented, it is the time for predictive maintenance. So, if the equipment is going to fail, the AI will notify the concerned person so that adequate measures are taken to handle the malfunction. Can we call this aspect as one of the important benefits of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry?

  1. Quality

In recent times, there is a strict emphasis on quality from the customers. The reasons, there are so many companies in every segment. So, companies have to be stringent in attaining the best quality level for their products. Product recalls and high deflection rates signify the death knell for a company. But how to get quality products as per the standards and regulations.

By implementation of artificial intelligence technologies in the machinery. So, there can be no changes. The AI tool will work to the precision as it is programmed to react only in that particular manner. And the company gets quality products. The customer is happy and stays loyal to the brand. This is another benefit of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry.

  1. Human-Robot combination

Ever heard of James Cameron? Yes, we are talking about the famous director who directed the Terminator and other series. Now, in these films, the machines turn villain to the human race. But is it the same picture in reality? Not at all. The humans and robots are working together in perfect balance to complete the targets ahead of time. And there are so many low-level jobs done by humans. We mean the manual jobs, that require the same process to be done again and again. For example, a worker has to push a certain level in the equipment. Now, he needs to do this at least a thousand times per day. Imagine the situation when a robot replaces him. That concerned person can get trained in an advanced task and go up the ladder.

  1. Fashion Industry

Can we include fashion as part of the manufacturing industry? Why not? After all, millions of clothes, apparels are getting designed every day to cater to the demands of the public. Now a fashion designer, if he/she has to make a specific trend, it is important to know the pulse of the public demand. Okay, so he has implemented AI on his website which contains his best-designed clothes. Now, he sits down every week to estimate the five clothes that are mostly bought by the public and has many visitors, in other words, the behavior of consumers. Then he sets about making a design which contains all the features from every dress. And turns it to a top-selling dress? How did this become possible? Through artificial intelligence. If you want to name any industry which has got the most of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry, it is the fashion world. No doubts.

Let us enter into the fashion world once again. Do you know that image search and voice search are getting common? If you see a specific dress and want it, the process is as follows. Just take a photo of the image and upload to the search engine. You will get the answer.

Second option

Imagine, you want to purchase a dress online. You have selected a dress from a reputed online store. Now how will you look in the dress? AI comes to help at this junction in the form of virtual reality. By wearing the glasses, you can just get the right picture.


The above-mentioned facts are some benefits of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry. But the best quality products are yet to come in the market because of AI. Let us imagine the situation. You are in Mumbai and have a computer which needs maintenance. So, what is the best step other than searching for referrals and list websites? Download the app of the doorstep repair service company which have the best technicians skilled in computer repair in Mumbai on their payrolls? Hire him, so that he can come to your home and do the job. In the future, your computer may give an alert to your mobile if it has suffered a virus attack or when it needs maintenance.

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