Healthy Hobbies to Improve Mental Well Being

PIN Healthy Hobbies to Improve Mental Well Being

For most of us, working from home has become a usual thing. However, during these times it is important to keep a good mental and physical health to live a wholesome. We are spending more time at or homes than going outside and socializing. Communication has been limited to virtual phone apps. However, most of us have also realized that we have a lot of time that we can make use of to be productive and keep our mind and body refreshed and healthy. Here are some hobbies you may want to have in your normal day.


Calligraphy is an amazing way to utilize your time productively, especially if you are a creative person. Calligraphy is unique and you can also show off your skill by placing your masterpieces on a boring wall that needs color and aesthetics. You can start off learning calligraphy by using beginner’s basic tools that may not be very heavy on your pocket. You can join an online class or learn from videos available on the internet. Once you have good grasp on the subject you can invest in some good tools for your calligraphy. Considering the stresses of modern day, some people find calligraphy pretty therapeutic.


Workout is a good way to keep your physical and mental health in check. Most of the gyms are closed due to COVID. However, you always have the option to learn online. A lot of videos are available on the internet which have simple exercise routines. You can look up some easier ones and do light workouts in the beginning. Then as you gain strength move on to high intensity workouts. Workout is not only helpful in making productive use of time but it is also important to regulate your hormones and keep you happy and less anxious. Physical exercise promotes the release of hormone called endorphin. Endorphins are responsible for keeping us happy. So a good workout routine can elevate your mood and keep you mentally at peace. Regular exercise also ensures that we have a proper appetite. This way we can ensure we have a balanced diet and eat healthy.


Cooking seems to be the most popular hobby while we were quarantined at home due to COVID. While most of the eateries were closed during the pandemic most of us enjoyed home cooked exotic cuisines. Cooking and baking can be a productive way to utilize your time. If you are afraid of getting into a disaster when you step into the kitchen you can start with some simple recipes with a few ingredients. So, you do not regret wasting a lot of ingredient if the final product does not turn out right. So, take that first step. Once you start enjoying it you will become good at it and you can host a lunch for your friends and family to celebrate your talent.

Get some plants

If you are a nature lover then you love having and taking care of plants at your home. However, plants need a lot of care and attention just like any other living thing. So, you must be really passionate to take it up as a hobby. Having a plant collection can great. Plants can be a friend for some people. If you take care of them and make sure that all the requirements for their healthy growth are being provided you will soon see them flourish. Before you get a new plant make sure you thoroughly read up on it. While most of the information is available on the internet you should always consult a skilled person before you start taking care of them. You will then have the confidence to add a new plant to your collection. Not only is this a healthy hobby but you are also playing your part by reducing your carbon footprint. Global warming is a growing problem and we can already see its effects in the form of climate change. Extreme climates have ran havoc in part of the world. Having more plants in your home is a small step in keeping our environment clean and green.


If you are avid writer then you may enjoy this hobby a lot. Journaling involves writing out your feelings, emotions, and thoughts of the day at the end of the day. It is a good way to analyze and understand what we are feeling and why we are feeling a certain emotion. This way it helps us to regulate our emotion and helps us plan for our future goals. It is also important because it helps us see our strengths and weaknesses. So, we can easily work on our weaknesses and enhance our strengths further by different techniques. It is a good way to self-reflect and understand complicated situations. The best part is that it does not require any expensive equipment. All it requires is a pen and paper. Like many other hobbies, writing can be therapeutic to many people. They can use writing as an outlet to let out feelings like confusion, frustration, anxiety etc.

Final Thoughts

Having healthy hobbies is very important to have a healthy mind and body. I this era where everything is fast paced, we are too busy meeting deadlines, working relentlessly to reach goals, and always trying to achieve the balance between work life and family life we often forget to make time for ourselves. We can do that by including some healthy activities and do these for at least 15-20 minutes in our day. The rest of the things will eventually fall into place. If you still are unable to find time try switching from a traditional home to a smart home. Smart devices, like the Video Doorbell can take care of the boring and monotonous task and do them automatically without you having to worry about them.