Is the UKGC Introducing New Slots Regulations? 


Players have started to notice that slot games like Rainbow Cash Pots are being strongly regulated. A worry for some is that there will be new regulations introduced. 

What is the UKGC? 

The UKGC refers to the Gambling Commission which is the regulatory body for all the gambling in the UK, this includes real life venues as well as online providers. The Gambling Commission is an incredibly powerful entity, it has the ability to revoke and suspend a venues gambling license if they fail to abide by the rules and it can also fine those who break any provisions set out. For example, certain providers have been fined by the commission due to their advertisements accidentally appealing to children. Over time, the gambling commission has had to increase its regulation on online gambling, particularly online slots. This is due to the increase in addiction related to online slot gaming. 

Slot Regulation 

Slots have become heavily regulated in recent years, this is because of a sharp rise in online slot addiction. Due to the accessibility of online slots, anyone with a smartphone device can access them, players are finding it increasingly difficult to combat addiction. The Gambling Commission has started to regulate slot games a lot more to fight this issue. 

  •     Advertising has been heavily regulated in recent years, this is due to the cross appeal that many slot advertisements have. Due to their bright colours and fun characters, many slot advertisements ended up appealing to children. To combat this, the gambling commission has severely limited the ways in which slot games can be advertised, with many sites forging advertising altogether!
  •     Online Casinos have come under increased pressure to try and limit the screen time that players spend on their slot games. There are now more opportunities than ever for players to limit their screen time thanks to casinos sites doing more to monitor the activities of players and informing them when they feel that players are spending too much time on the slot game..

Future of slot regulation 

Slots have been heavily regulated recently, the future of slot regulation looks like it is going to be even tougher on providers, developers and casinos. 

  1. Complete ban on advertising – Slot advertising is an incredibly controversial thing, due to their nature they often end up appealing to a younger demographic. Although slot advertising has been heavily regulated recently, there seems to be an increased push to ban advertising slot games completely.
  2. Limit betting options – Due to the rise in online addiction, the betting options may be limited to players in the future. This helps to fight the financial issues that players come across. Limit betting options may include setting a lower max bet limit and even getting rid of the max bet option. 

Final Thoughts 

Due to the rise in gambling addictions, slots are being regulated more heavily. Stronger restrictions have been placed on the advertising of slot games as well as limiting the amount of bet options slots offered.

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