Meanwhile in Apple, Up to $ 79 a Year of Spending on iOS apps & Games


Meanwhile in Apple, up to $ 79 a year of spending on iOS applications and games.The key of iOS and Android are its applications, which, after all, are what make us get the most out of our terminals, and this is something we could see in Windows Phone, a very decent operating system, but that suffered from a shortage of applications.

Right now, iOS and Android are two operating systems that have been relatively matched, however, today, many applications such as Instagram or Facebook work better in Apple’s operating system, which, besides, we find a greater congruence to design level. Beyond this, it is a fact that Apple users buy more applications than Android users, and the average spend for a year is increasing.

IOS Users Buy More Apps than Android users

The average number spent by US users of iOS in applications during the past 2018 amounts to 78 dollars, 36% more than the 58 dollars that, on average, was spent last year, figures that grow every year. There is more to see the statistics of 2015, which quantify this expense at $ 33.

As we can read in TechCrunch, according to this Sensor Towe study, of these $ 78, the majority is spent on games, something that, taking into account how this sector has evolved in telephony in recent years, can make quite good sense.

And is that, either paying the price of them or due to in-app purchases that include many games to progress more quickly, is the category in which iOS users spend more money. Specifically, 44 dollars, a reasonably large number, and that surprises us a lot.

And is that, if there is something that we have always said with some social networks, photo editing applications or applications for the tablet, is that in iOS work better, but not because users spend less on these than games. And that is, the amount of money spent on entertainment and lifestyle applications only reaches $ 11.90.

At the moment the data about the sales of applications and subscriptions in Android are not yet known, but during these last years, the tendency has been the opposite. What is clear is that we are Android or iOS users, we have to get rid of the idea that applications, in and of themselves, are – and should be – free, since, after all, they are the fruit of the developers’ work, and, if we think they are worth it, it’s not bad that we pay for them.

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