Must-Know Interior Decor Tips for Modern Homes

PIN Must-Know Interior Decor Tips for Modern Homes

A well–organized room is no surprise. It just revolves around a few sensible guidelines and planned arrangements.

If you want your room to grab the attention of visitors as well as promise you a soothing comfort then pay heed to interior décor tips mentioned below.

Here we go…

  1. Go green: In this fast-paced era, finding greenery like gardens is indeed a herculean task. But it doesn’t mean you have to walk miles to enjoy the freshness of plants. Bring home the ferns, succulents, and peace lilies. Adorn your balcony with a swing chair surrounded by a variety of plants. You can also plan for an herb garden. Grow methi, coriander, mint, basil, and green chilies, all within the confines of your home. Also, add a splash of green to your living room, bedroom, or study room. The greenery all around will enliven up your space and will help you experience the sanctity of gardens.


  1. Tweak a bit to make proper adjustments: People often tend to feel much attached to their furniture, then why not it is decades old, outsized, or outdated. And this is a common thing you can find in most Indian homes. Discarding that oversized faded sofa may be a difficult task as it connects you with so many lovely memories and still feels much comfortable. So, when stuck in such a situation, think out of the box. Make that hard to leave part permanent and plan for the rest of the décor surrounding it. If there is no enough space left for the coffee table, consider alternatives décor ideas. For example, Ottomans can double up as coffee tables. Moreover, a large bed can be appended with storage drawers underneath so that there is enough space left for other things.


  1. Draw attention with negative space: When it comes to home décor, many of us misinterpret it as filling up space. If you find your display shelf or TV cabinet design a bit offbeat, mingle your collectibles with books, plants, or contemporary styled lamps. This will help you add a character to space while breaking away from the monotony of the same old arrangement. Besides this, you can also try for some color-blocking and theme-based permutations.
  2. Achieve Balance between elements – dark with bright, heavy with light.

Maintaining a balance between elements is essential to enhance the appeal of your space. If you have dark wood furniture ensure coordinating it with upbeat light color décor. This will diffuse the heaviness. Furthermore, linens, rugs, or upholstery with bright hues work apt for this arrangement. Also, if you have a set of antiques make sure to place them in different rooms. This will make your room appear well-coordinated and neatly arranged.

Loved it? Then why wait for more. Follow these tips and make your rooms stand out. These tips are suggested keeping in mind modern homes. Thus, sticking to these guidelines you can make most out of your space.