The Hidden and Not So Hidden Features of Melbourne


The city of Melbourne is very eclectic. It truly is a city of culture, contrasts and sometimes surprises. It plays host to some of the country’s most iconic events, whether they be sporting spectacles, music festivals or comedy festivals.

Let’s take a look at some hidden gems the city has to offer, as well as some of the Victorian capital’s most famous events and features.

Hosier Lane

If you love street art, then you’ll fall in love with Hosier Lane.

Melbourne CBD has laneways dating back to the 18th century snaking all through the city, but these are not dirty old laneways. The house hidden treasures, and Hosier Lane is one such place.

Located near Federation Square off Flinders Street, the walls of the lane are covered is mesmeric street art and murals. Add to that some colourful graffiti artistry to make for a truly unique aesthetic adventure.

The thing with this street art is it’s always evolving, as local artists continue to add their own unique touches to the murals. Come back a year later and the artwork could look completely different.

Discover Coops Shot Tower Inside a Modern Shopping Centre

Melbourne is one of the country’s first settled and oldest cities. Rather than tear down every old structure, much of the old city has been preserved, or even Heritage listed.

This is true of the Coops Shot Tower, which reaches for the sky in the centre of a modern-day shopping complex. Coops Shot Tower was built way back in 1888. The shopping centre has a large glass done built around the old tower, making for an interesting blend of old architecture and new.

If you’re in Melbourne, pay a visit to Melbourne Central to check it out and take a few holiday selfies with the shot tower in the backdrop.

If you’re unsure what a shot tower actually is, they were used to manufacture lead shots for shotguns, ballast and so forth. Molten lead was dropped from the top of the tower, where it would free fall and form lead balls. At the end of its journey, the shots land in a basin of cold water to cool them off and solidify them.

The Suburb of Flemington

When people think of suburbs in Melbourne, names like South Yarra, Carlton, St Kilda and the CBD usually spring to mind, but other suburbs of the city also have their own unique traits and experiences to offer.

Flemington has a relaxed lifestyle and is located not far from the heart of Melbourne. Discover some delicious eateries and world-class cafes, along with some of the area’s very best shopping experiences.

Being a small suburb it has a very communal feel, and visitors are always warmly welcomed.

What Flemington is most famous for is its world-class racecourse and the annual running of Australia’s most notable horse race. The entire country stops to watch the race on TV, and those lucky enough to get trackside enjoy a day of champagne, fine food and loads of excitement. Ausssies eagerly wait for this day every year along with spending hefty amount on the horses. Many people play bets on this day through various platforms. One such is Racenet Melbourne Cup, which will provide you with a wide range of options to bet on. 

The Shrine of Remembrance

Located in King’s Domain, just outside the Royal Botanic Gardens, is the Shrine of Remembrance, built-in memory of all the Australian soldiers who died in World War One.

Set amidst beautiful parklands, the structure is designed to look like something out of ancient times and really is an iconic place to pay a visit when in town.

There is a secret viewpoint on the first floor of the shrine that gives you a fantastic view of the city skyline, but most people don’t know about it. They simply observe from outside, snap off a few photos and move on.

Easey’s Cafe

If you want to experience a cafe with a difference, something really unique, then make sure you check out Easey’s Cafe. Located on a city rooftop and made from two converted, unused train carriages, Easey’s Cafe offers great views of the city while you enjoy some of Melbourne’s best coffee.

The cafe also offers awesome burgers, fish and chips, and even serves up your favourite cocktails if you fancy something other than caffeine.

The really cool thing about a place like Melbourne is you never know quite what you’ll find. It’s all a matter of searching the city for its hidden gems.

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