Things to know about IVF


These days taking help of IVF methods for family planning has become a common option. Who does it and how do they do it, the concept is still may not be clear to many people. That is why; knowing about IVF and its procedures us very important.

One should know that infertility is not uncommon at the moment and as per medical studies every one couple among 6 is facing this situation. The cause of infertility sometimes lies with the woman’s body and sometimes in the man’s bodyand sometimes the problem can arise for the combination of both. There are many couple who are facing infertility and turn to IVF which can help them to conceive a baby. There are fertile people as well who needs IVF help because some of them can be same sex couples, some may be single woman and some may carry a genetic disease.

There are many IVF centres in Delhi, where one can go if they are facing any kind of fertility issues. In vitro fertilization or IVF mainly takes place when the eggs are removed from the woman’s ovaries and then they are fertilised outside the body only to be replaced again inside the womb. This is a very lengthy treatment process because the woman’s body can be typically stimulated so that the eggs can be collected. So, the woman’s body needs to take certain medications and they need to undergo a lot of check up and scans before the egg collection process starts. When the procedure ends, which mainly takes an hour or so; the patient can come back to the clinic again for the embryo to be transferred again and for the pregnancy blood test. So, the entire treatment process goes around for 5 to 6 weeks.

There are varieties of IVF treatments available but the conventional method is the one which is followed by the most people. The natural IVF is the least intensive and they hardly use any kind of simulative drugs on the woman’s body. The major advantage of this treatment is that they can be carried put within a cycle and so it never halts or hinders a menstrual cycle. If necessary the egg donation and the sperm donation cycles are also available.

The cycle cost of the treatment is different. It includes the cost of egg collection, scans, embryology and also the embryo transfer. Also the treatment is processed depending on the individual circumstances. The cost of blood test, medication and other additional techniques will need some extra cost though.

It is said that when it comes to fertility treatments, age does matter and if the woman’s age is around and within 35 it becomes easy to go for this treatment process. It becomes a bit difficult to conceive if it is around 45 years but that does not mean they are not possible. But the man’s fertility remains more or less stable till they reach the age of 40. After that it can be a bit of a problem.

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